Course Duration: 7 Day(s)


Key skills you will gain upon completion of this program include:

  • Understanding & working with basic construct
  • Working with Oops
  • Application Development using Oops.
  • Handling Errors and Exception
  • Understanding and using in-built classes;
  • Working with collections & choosing right collection in a scenario;
  • Working with threads, and effectively using Concurrency API;
  • Working with files, understanding and using important concepts like Serialization;
  • Understanding and working with JDBC API for different databases;
  • Understanding best practices and standards


  •  Getting started
  •  Basic Language Constructs
  •  Classes  and Objects
  •  Association Relationship
  •  Extending Classes
  •  Abstract Classes 
  •  Interfaces and Loose coupling
  •  Nested Classes
  •  Packages and  imports
  •  Exception Handling
  •  Some Useful In-Built Classes
  •  Wrapper classes and Auto-Boxing
  •  Collections and Generics
  •  The Input and Output Classes
  •  Java Serialization
  •  Threads and Concurrency utilities
  •  JDBC
  •  Logging, Packaging and Deployment

Who Should Attend

The participants need not have any prior exposure to Java programming language. Prior familiarity with some other programming language (such as C++ or C) would be useful, but it is not mandatory. Knowledge and understanding of SQL and Procedures is mandatory.

Target Audience



Mr. Chandrashekhar Deshpande
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