Advanced and New Features of Hibernate 4 for enhancing performance of application Training


Course Duration: 3 Day(s)


Working on DAO layer using Hibernate's advanced and new features for improving performance, reliability and scalability.

Take away: Smooth implementation of Hibernate with its performance aspect in design of DAO layer.


  • Module 1: Transactions In Hibernate
  • Module 2: Hibernate for querying information
  • Module 3: Pessimistic & Optimistic Locking
  • Module 4: Hibernate Statistical support and Loggers
  • Module 5: Caching In Hibernate
  • Module 6: Batch processing
  • Module 7: Data filtering
  • Module 8: Multi Tenancy in Hibernate
  • Module 9: Interceptors and Listeners/Events
  • Module 10: Hibernate support for Data Centric approach
  • Module 11: Achieving dynamism in Hibernate

Who Should Attend

Participants must have good knowledge of the Object Oriented Programming language Core Java
Should have worked Java Database Connectivity JDBC  and RDBMS concepts ,SQL-Joins
Advisable to have gone through Hibernate Level 1. Skill of following technologies will get added advantage- JPA, Spring JDBC

Target Audience



Mr. Chandrashekhar Deshpande
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