Managed, Store and Secure your datacenter with Microsoft Azure


Title: Reduce Costs and simplify Data Management using StorSimple Virtual Array storage solution

Duration: 1 hour

Synopsis: Microsoft Azure StorSimple Virtual Array, an integrated storage solution that manages storage tasks between an on-premises virtual device running in a hypervisor and Microsoft Azure cloud storage. The Virtual Array is an efficient, cost-effective, and easily manageable file server or iSCSI server solution that eliminates many of the issues and expenses associated with enterprise storage and data protection. The Virtual Array is particularly well-suited for remote office/branch office (ROBO) scenarios. It makes use of your existing virtualization infrastructure and can be deployed on your existing Hyper-V or VMware hypervisor. Backups are stored in the cloud, which can facilitate disaster recovery and simplify item-level recovery (ILR). This webinar will highlight how the Azure StorSimple Virtual Array Storage solution can effectively help you reduce costs and simplify the data management in your organization.

Title: Simplified Operations Management for the Hybrid Cloud

Duration: 1 hour

Synopsis: Operations Management Suite is a cloud based Service to manage the operations of your hybrid deployments across on premise, private & public cloud. It provides solutions to gain insights into log data from multiple systems, respond faster to securtiy threats, enable consistent control and compliance, automated data protection and disaster recovery in the cloud. This webinar will introduce the power and simplicity of the different solution areas in OMS to effectively manage the operations of your hybrid deployments.

Course Duration: .5 Day(s)

Target Audience

Architects / IT Pros


Mr. Kedar Ghanekar

Definitely an asset to Synergetics, Kedar has played an in dominatable role in delivering training engagements as well as enterprise solutions. Over the years, Kedar has garnered immense training skills which are put to use along with his knowledge on beta technologies. He has been able to comply to the toughest of software challenges by applying beta technologies in real time scenarios.