Course Duration: 3 Day(s)


Understand the patterns typical of modern application architectures

Understand how Spring Boot ties together various parts of the Spring platform to make getting results a snap, on par with the agility you might otherwise expect from a Node.js or Ruby on Rails

Learn how to build microservices with Spring Cloud

Also build microservices in Docker containers

Rigorous Hands-on will be the core of this Training Session


Module 1: Introduction to Microservices

Module 2: Introduction to Spring Boot

Module 3: Using “Twelve-Factor App” Style Configuration

Module 4: Working with Spring Data

Module 5: Understanding the Flight Booking Case Study

Module 6: Spring Cloud Overview

Module 7: Scaling Microservices with Spring Cloud

Module 8: Auto-scaling Microservices

Module 9: Logging and Monitoring Microservices

Module 10: Spring Cloud Bus

Module 10: Containerizing Microservices with Docker

Module 11: Microservices Development Lifecycle (Theory)

Module 12: Securing Microservices using Spring Security


Who Should Attend

  • Must have worked on Java.
  • Must have knowledge of JEE.
  • Must have knowledge on MVC and RESTful Services
  • Must have worked with Spring framework
  • The course uses Java 8, though Spring Boot and most Spring projects support Java 6.

Target Audience



Mr. Satyendra Singh
Hibernate | Spring IOC | Java | C and C++ | HTML | JavaScript | AJAX | XML | integration in Java | Spring Core | Struts | Web Services | SOA

Satyendra’s association with Synergetics is highlighted with training engagements particularly in Core Java, Servlet JSP, J2EE, Spring, Hibernate, Struts, Web Services, SOA. A keen learner, he is acquainting himself with emerging beta technologies for future training engagements. His inclusion of real time examples on software solutions is the right way to impart trainings on software and its application.