Spring MVC and Web flow, its new features and Integration in Project Scenarios training


Course Duration: 3 Day(s)


Addressing challenges of integrating Spring MVC with variety of products and technologies, enhancing performance and scalability of project using core and new features of Spring 4.

Take Away : Smooth implementation of Spring 4 MVC and its integration with variety of products and technologies. Spring WebFlow for next level.


  • Module  1: Integration with Other Frameworks
  • Module 2: Securing Spring MVC Application
  • Module 3: Overview of Spring Web-Flow
  • Module 4: Defining Flow
  • Module 5: Sub-Flows
  • Module 6: Inheriting and Securing Flows
  • Module 7: Views in Flow
  • Module 8: Spring Web Testing Framework

Who Should Attend

For developers experienced in Spring DI &  IoC,  MVC and Web Development.
All participants should have completed Level 1 training on Spring 4 MVC or posses equivalent level of knowledge/experience.

Target Audience



Mr. Chandrashekhar Deshpande
Spring | Hibernate | Struts | JEE | OOAD | Microsoft Azure Cloud | Amazon Web Services | Java performance tuning | Liferay portal for Java | Spring Servlet-JSP | Core Java |Apache Service Mix | Hadoop big data | Client side Open Source

Chandrashekhar has proved to be a valuable and zealous multi-functional expert - be it training and development, mentoring trainers and participants or guiding talent across delivery management, documentation and content management.