Webinar on “Data Analytics: FUTURE OF THE MODERN BUSINESS”


In the era of Data Explosion which started since 2016, businesses have realized that the Data Analytics have become the breath and blood to survive in the cut-throat competition.  Going beyond that, the 2018 Data & Analytics Global Executive Study and Research Report by MIT Sloan Management Review finds that innovative, analytically mature and leading organizations make use of data from multiple sources: customers, vendors, regulators, and even competitors to effectively make quick decisions, observe trends and patterns and quickly design business strategies.  There are tons of challenges including human skillset, learning curve, infrastructure, maintenance and upgrading.  There are organizations (Small and Medium Scale) who have accumulated huge amount of data down the line and now looking for value it in optimum fashion.  Some organizations are effectively using the data in analysis with limited scope but are looking for using it utmost and optimized fashion.  While few other organizations are facing the problem of insufficient skill set and thus problems and its list is long.

Course Duration: 1 Day(s)


  • Insight of analytics driven businesses
  • Analytics: Current trends, market challenges, challenges at organizational level, pain points
  • Analytics: Prospects and future projections.
  • The technology spectrum and Analytics Life Cycle
  • The life cycle of Analytical Process and role of few prominent tools.
  • Why to commence this journey with us?


Participants Take Away

  • Current trends and challenges in Analytics
  • Importance of Analytics today, in different roles and in your career path
  • The technology spectrum of Open Source for Batch and Stream Processing
  • The technology spectrum for Microsoft Azure for Batch and Stream Processing
  • Positioning different tools and frameworks on the end-to-end canvas of Analytics-Big Data Eco-system

Target Audience

Developers / Architects / Data Scientist / Data Engineer & Data Analyst / Data Architect


Data Engineer & Data Analyst


Mr. Chandrashekhar Deshpande
Consultant and Practice Head for Analytics, Architecture Design and Mentor 29+ years of Industry and Corporate Training experience in Java, Frameworks and Analytics

A professional par excellence in Analytics, Machine Learning, Big Data with batch and real time processing, Apache Spark and its eco-system, Software Analysis, Design & Development, General Administration and Corporate & Industrial Trainings, Chandrashekhar with him nearly 14+ years plus of corporate training and 6+ years in experience in Architecting and Development of Real-life Projects. On the overall, Chandrashekhar has been an active professional for more than 29 years till date.