Learning Services - Why Learning Service

Over the last twenty years, Synergetics has created a well-earned name for itself in the field of technology training in India and overseas.

  • Diverse Experience

    Our greatest strength is our diverse experience which has brought with it a close understanding of the workings our field

  • Adaptability

    As an industry, this field has seen a tremendous change in the past few years and the flux is continuous. We have been a part of this change and have been able to adapt to its changing needs

  • High Quality Resources

    We have created in ourselves resources that are tuned to deliver results for a multitude of client needs, never compromising on quality. Even when these needs are not clearly defined, we have the in-depth knowledge to perceive them best for our client

  • One-stop shop

    Our range of services enable us to cater to the learning needs of the client – from beginning to end. From conceptualization, designing and development to deployment, training and support – we have the capabilities to deliver an end-to-end solution for our clients

  • Flexibility

    We also have options for our clients, to suit their needs – be it time-management, resource-management or budgetary concerns. We can provide custom solutions for individual needs, which align themselves to a particular client and their requirements. We can work on client schedules or time zones. We can provide hard-ware, software or people-support, wherever and whenever needed. We also have multiple models of engagement, which provide the client with freedom to choose the one that works for them best.