AZ-300 Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies Training


Microsoft Azure Solution Architect

Course Duration: 5 Day(s)

Rs. 33,000/- Rs.17500+ Tax



Build architecting skills on the cloud platform from Microsoft – Azure Platform




 1. Managing Azure Subscriptions and Resources

Working with Azure Subscriptions
Deploying Resources with Azure Resource Manager
Azure Resource Group
Deploying Azure Resources using
ARM Templates

2. Identity Management on Azure

Azure Active Directory (AAD)
Implementing and Managing Hybrid Identities
Azure Domains and Tenants
Azure Users and Groups
Azure Roles
Azure AD Integration Options
Azure AD Identity Protection

3. Implementing and Managing Azure Storage

Introduction to Azure Storage service
Azure Storage Account Types
General Purpose: ▪ Standard ▪ Premium
Storage Account Endpoints
Data Replication
Locally Redundant - LRS
Zone Redundant - ZRS
Geo Redundant - GRS
Geo Redundant with ReadAccess – RA-GRS
Azure Storage Access Tiers
Enabling CDN and Custom Domains for Azure Storage
Securing Azure Storage
Using Azure Storage Keys in connection string
Using Shared Access Signatures
Using Stored Access Policies

Monitoring Azure Storage
Working with Azure Storage tools
Azure Storage Explorer
Azure Import/Export Services

1. Deploying and Managing Virtual Machines

Provisioning Azure Virtual Machines o Using Portal o Using PowerShell
Using ARM Templates
Creating Windows and Linux Virtual Machines
Creating a Virtual Machine Image from existing Virtual Machine
Provisioning Virtual Machines using VM Image
Backup and Restore of Azure Virtual Machines
Monitoring Azure Virtual Machines

2. Configuring and Managing Azure Virtual Networks

Azure Networking Overview
Provisioning Azure Virtual Network
IP Addressing in Azure o Private IP
Public IP
Static IP
Dynamic IP
Network Interfaces
Network Security Groups
Azure Network Routing
Inter-site connectivity on Azure
VNet to VNet VPN
VNet to VNet Peering
Azure Load Balancer
Azure Application Gateway
Azure Traffic Manager
Azure DNS
Hybrid connectivity – On-premise and Azure
Site to Site VPN
Point to Site VPN
Express Route

1. Application Services on Azure

Azure App Service
Azure Web App
Deploying Azure Web App
Managing Azure Web App
Backup & Restore Web App
App Service Security
Infrastructure & Platform Security
Application Security
App Service Authentication

2. Relational Data on Azure

SQL Server on an Azure Virtual Machine
Migrating a Database to Azure
Azure SQL Database
Configuring Azure SQL Database Logical Server
Creating and Managing Single Databases and Elastic Pools
Azure SQL Database Security
High Availability and Business Continuity for Azure SQL Database
Introduction to Azure SQL Database Managed Instance

1. NoSQL Data on Azure

Overview of Azure Cosmos DB
Cosmos DB API
DocumentDB (SQL) API
Graph (Gremlin) API
Tables (Key/Value) API
Consistency Options

2. Serverless computing on Azure

What is serverless Computing
Benefits of serverless computing
Serverless Applications on Azure
Azure Functions
Cloud Messaging
Azure Event Grid
Azure Service Bus
Workflow Orchestration
Azure Logic App

3. Azure Functions

Overview of Azure Functions
Azure Function Service Plans
Azure Function Templates
Implementing Azure Functions
Managing Azure Functions
Azure Function Scaling

1. Azure Event Grid

Overview of Azure Event Grid
Event Grid concepts
Event Source
Event Subscription
Event Handler
Implementing Event Grid

2. Azure Service Bus

Synchronous Messaging with Service Bus Relay
Asynchronous Messaging with Service Bus
Topics & Subscriptions
Service Bus Namespace
Implementing and Managing Azure Service Bus

3. Azure Logic App

Overview of Azure Logic App
Built in Triggers & Actions
Managed Connectors
Implementing a Logic App


Who Should Attend

Participants attending this course must have development experience on:

  • Knowledge of Virtualization

  • Knowledge of Network

  • Knowledge on Docker containers

Target Audience

Architects / Data Architect



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Why Certification?

Whether you’re new to Azure or already a cloud professional, here are the reasons why adding Azure to your toolbox can help you grow.

Surging demand

Cloud is the new normal, with almost 80% of business deploying cloud technology. And customer demand for Azure is going up fast, with triple digit growth over each of the last eight consecutive quarters.


Huge returns

Skilled Azure professionals are highly sought after in the job market. Technical certification gives you opportunities for career advancement, higher salaries, and more interesting work.

Expanding market

International Data Corporation (IDC) projects cloud spending will exceed $500 billion by 2020, including $191 billion in the public cloud market alone. Make sure you’re ready.

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