The digital transformation to cloud computing represents a shift from operating on-premises to operating in the cloud.

This shift includes new ways of doing business - for example, the digital transformation shifts from capital expenditures for software and datacenter hardware to operating expenditures for usage of cloud resources.

Enterprise Cloud Adoption

The cloud presents a fundamental shift in the way that enterprises procure and utilize technology resources. In the past, enterprises assumed ownership and responsibility of all levels of technology from infrastructure to software. Now, the cloud offers the potential to transform the way enterprises utilize technology by provisioning and consuming resources as needed.

While the cloud offers nearly unlimited flexibility in terms of design choices, enterprises seek proven and consistent methodology for the adoption of cloud technologies. And, each enterprise has different goals and timelines for cloud adoption, making a one-size-fits-all approach to adoption nearly impossible.

The process of adopting cloud technologies is not a linear process, and this is especially true for large enterprises with many different teams. Some teams may be responsible for a large set of existing workloads and have a requirement to modernize them by adding cloud technologies or migrating them completely. Other teams may have the opportunity to innovate by beginning new development from scratch in the cloud. Yet other teams may not be ready to adopt cloud technologies in production but are ready to learn about and experiment with the cloud.

Each of these different teams requires different approaches to adopting the cloud, but the core knowledge necessary to begin the process is common to all.


The audience for the Azure Cloud Adoption Guide includes Enterprise Administrators, Finance, IT operations, IT security and compliance, workload development owners, and workload operations owners.

How to use the Azure Cloud Adoption Guide

If your enterprise is new to Azure, begin with the overview in the getting started section. This document includes prescriptive guidance for your enterprise's digital transformation, walking through each step of the process.

If your enterprise has experience in Azure and is seeking more in-depth guidance and best practices for specific areas, there are sections for governance and infrastructure.



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