AWS Certified Developer


Today, cloud computing is changing the very definition of IT.  It’s all about transforming the way IT serves your business by harnessing a new breed of power.  Companies like Amazon, Microsoft are in healthy competition to offer new and pathbreaking model of cloud services in the market.  They are bringing all the pieces together in an integrated, comprehensive way.  Almost all Cloud service providers are providing end-to-end support for Java as a language and as well java frameworks and tools.  This session talks at length about the Java in cloud horizon.
The takeaway of this course...
* Ability to design, develop and deply cloud based Java applications to AWS.
* Understand core AWS services, uses, basic architecture, practices
* Develop and maintain application written for different core AWS services like- S3, DynamoDB, SQS, SNS, SWS, Elastic BeanStalk, CloudFormation etc.

Course Duration: 5 Day(s)

Target Audience

Developers / Architects


AWS Application Developer