Building scalable application using Node.js


Course Duration: 4 Day(s)


Node.js is used to create fast, compact, and reliable web/network applications and web servers, and is rapidly becoming indispensable to modern web developers. Learning Node.js brings together the knowledge and JavaScript code you need to build master the Node.js platform and build server-side applications with extraordinary speed and scalability.

In this session you'll start by installing and running Node.js understanding the extensions it uses, and building more capable application servers and extend them with today's most powerful Node.js tools and modules. Finally, you'll discover today's best practices for testing, running Node.js code on production servers.



  • Development Fundamentals of Node.js
  • A Closer Look at JavaScript
  • Asynchronous Programming
  • Writing Applications
  • Modules
  • Expanding Your Web Server
  • Building Web Applications with Express
  • Deployment and Development
  • Scaling Node.js Applications
  • Multiplatform Development

Who Should Attend

Participants attending this workshop must have worked on:

  • Some introductory concepts of how TCP and HTTP works.
  • Classic development for the web (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript).

Target Audience



Mr. Nabajyoti Boruah

Nabjyoti has rendered valuable contribution in the following tasks –

  • Project Specific Technology Training
  • Project Specific – Customised Content Creation
  • Mobile Development – Consultation and Training Services
  • High End Training Delivery for more than 100 clients pan India
  • Migration to Microsoft Cloud Platform (Azure) – Consultation services to 150 customers on behalf of Microsoft
  • Delivery of Microsoft Exam Curriculum to different clients
Mr. Swapnil Gaikwad
Microsoft Certified Programmer

Swapnil has gained expertise in delivery of varied software training and developer project across different domains. He focusses on offering trainings with reference to real world scenarios and situations enabling the participants to develop real time software solutions.