Training on Developing Android and IOS apps with Xamarin


Course Duration: 3 Day(s)


This course Leverage your skills in Microsoft Visual Studio and C# to build cross-platformapps that run on both Android and iOS. This course shows you everything you need to get started using Xamarin’s integration with Visual Studio to create cross-platformC# apps. It covers the list of tools you need, their setup, architecture, and their use.

This course will also take you on an in-depth tour of all of the major features of Xcode. Special attention will be given to those skills that can help you become a more productive Xcode developer.


  • Architecture and Setup
  • Creating The Android App
  • iOS Development
  • Creating the iOS App
  • Creating the Shared Code Library
  • Cross-platform Image Management
  • Swipe-Navigation in Android
  • Swipe-Navigation in iOS
  • Working with iOS Protocols
  • Android Master/Detail Navigation
  • Android Navigation Drawer
  • iOS Master/Detail Navigation
  • Introduction to Xcode 5
  • Workspaces and Projects
  • Writing and Navigating Code
  • Building and Debugging
  • Using Interface Builder
  • Xcode Organizer

Target Audience



Mr. Nabajyoti Boruah

Nabjyoti has rendered valuable contribution in the following tasks –

  • Project Specific Technology Training
  • Project Specific – Customised Content Creation
  • Mobile Development – Consultation and Training Services
  • High End Training Delivery for more than 100 clients pan India
  • Migration to Microsoft Cloud Platform (Azure) – Consultation services to 150 customers on behalf of Microsoft
  • Delivery of Microsoft Exam Curriculum to different clients