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Data Science
Level 300 Data Science With Machine Learning  
Level 200 Azure Data Lake Analytics - An introduction  
Level 200 Azure SQL Data Warehouse - An introduction  
Level 200 Orchestrating Data and Services with Azure Data Factory  
Level 200 Prescriptive Analytics using Machine Learning  
Level 200 BI Cloud Solutions with Azure Analysis Services  
Level 200 Designing and Implementing Cloud Data Platform Solutions (70-473)  
Machine Learning
Level 200 Introduction to Machine Learning  

Level 300

CosmosDB: Multi-model data storage on Azure  
Level 200 Working with Azure HDInsights Clusters and Data  
Level 200 HBase on Azure HDInsights  
Level 300 Implement Big Data Real-Time Processing Solutions using HDInsights & Storm  
Level 300 Implement Big Data Real-Time Processing Solutions using Spark on Azure HDInsight  
Level 300 Azure Data Lake Analytics  
Level 200 Apache Spark using Java  
Level 200 Apache Hive  
Level 200 Big Data Analytics with HDInsight Service on Azure Spark, Storm, Hbase  
Level 300 Cloud Data Integration using Azure Data Factory  
Level 300 Data Visualization using Power BI Service  
Level 200 Predictive Analysis using Azure Machine Learning  
Level 300 Designing and Implementing Big Data Analytics Solutions (70-475)  
Level 300 Acquire Insight using SQL Server Analysis Service 2016  
Level 200 Big Data Analytics with HDInsight Service on Azure Spark, Storm, Hbase  
Level 300 Build Hybrid ETL Solutions - SSIS 2016  
Level 300 Data Visualization using SSRS 2016  
Level 200 Build Enterprise Class Cloud Data Warehouse using SQL Data Warehouse on Azure  
Level 200 Building Perceptive Applications with Azure Cognitive Services  
Level 200 Ignite your Data with Azure Spark  
Level 200 Predictive Apps with Azure Analysis Services  
Level 200 Process distributed datasets using Hadoop  
Level 200 HBASE On Azure HDInsight  
Level 200 Azure Data Lake Store & Data Analytics  
Level 200 Batch Processing with Apache Storm  
Level 300 Data Summarization with Apache Hive  
Level 200 Spark with HDInsight - Enterprise Ready Machine Learning and Interactive Data Analysis at Scale  
Level 200 Metadata management using SQL Data Catalog  
Level 200 Scripting Interfaces in Cloud Analytics  
Level 200 Connecting Cortana Analytics faster - Any Source,Anywhere  
Level 200 Oracle 12 C Performance Tuning  
Level 200 Mobile First with POWER BI  
Level 200 R Services in SQL Server 2016  
Level 200 Beyond T-SQL : Non-Relational features in SQL Server 2016  
Level 200 Explain Docker to Secured IT  
Level 200 Application deployment using Docker  
Level 300 Azure Container Services with Docker  
Open Source
Level 200 Linux on Azure Certification  
Level 300 Developing SPA with Angular 5  
Level 300 Developing SPA with AngularJS 1.6  
Level 200 Developing Web applications with Node.JS  
Level 200 Implementing MVVM using Knockouts  
Level 200 Implementing MVC based apps using BackboneJS 1.3  
Level 200 Creating Impressive Views using React JS + Redux  
Level 200 Developing end-to-end Web solution using Express JS  
Level 200 Developing web applications using TypeScript  
Level 200 Charts and Graphs with D3 JS  
Level 200 Developing web application with React JS  
Level 200 Developing with Underscore.js  
Level 200 Bundling web applications with Web Pack  
Level 200 Building automated web applications using Gulp  
Level 200 Testing JavaScript applications using Jasmine and Karma  
Level 200 Testing JavaScript with Mocha  
Level 300 Full Stack JavaScript Development With MEAN: MongoDB, Express, Angular 2, and Node.JS  
Level 200 Web Project Workflows with Gulp.js, Git, and Browser  
Level 200 Build Data Intensive Web Apps using Sencha ExtJS  
Level 300 Designing Web UI using HTML5 and jQuery  
Level 200 Build Responsive UI Framework using Bootstrap  

Level 300
Developing Web and Windows applications using Python 3.6  
200 Designing and Building IoT Solutions with Azure Services  
Cognitive -Bots
Level 300 Azure Cognitive Services: Demystification & Practice  
Level 200 Working with Azure Cognitive Services: Computer Vision and Custom Vision  
Level 200 Working with Azure Cognitive Services: LUIS and Bing Search  
Level 200 Developing Bot Applications using C#  
Level 200 Developing Bot Applications using NodeJS  
Level 200 Build and Consume APIs in the cloud - Azure API Apps  
Level 200 Azure PaaS - New Compute Services - Functions, API Apps, Logic Apps  
Level 200 Deploying Dockerized Apps to the Azure Container Service  
Level 200 Cloud Foundary- PaaS Cloud Development  
Level 200 Complete ALM Workshop with TFS - .NET Applications  
Level 200 Build and Release Management using VSTS  
Level 200 Complete ALM Workshop with TFS Java Applications  
Level 200 Building Applications using Maven  
Level 200 Application Testing with Selenium  
Level 200 Workflow Management with Apache Activity  
Level 200 Messaging and Integration using Active MQ  
Level 200 Building Complete Testing Environment using Selenium  
Level 200 Test Driven Development using JUNIT  
Level 200 Jobs Administration for IT Pros  
Level 200 Automating web application UI tests using Selenium (RC)  
Level 200 Browser Automation using Selenium WebDriver  
Level 200 Distributed Test Execution using Selenium Grid  
Level 200 Integrated development environment for Selenium scripts (Selenium IDE)  
Level 200 Selenium Integration with Jenkins  
Level 200 Automation Testing using Cucumber tool and Selenium  
Level 200 Cross Browser Testing using Selenium Grid  
Micro services
Level 200 Building highly available and scalable distributed applications using Azure Service Fabric  
Level 200 Service Fabric Patterns and Practices  
Level 200 Developing Microservices in .NET Core  
Level 200 Building RESTful Web Services in Java  
Level 300 Microservices architecture and services in Java  




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