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If you're an engineer, we are pleased to offer our Technology training programs Focused on building competitive advantage in your Resume.

You will be trained by professionals who have been training experienced developers and Architects working in leading software companies of the world, being trained by Synergetics trainers signifies your depth of knowledge and skill. These training programs equip you with the best practices and actionable knowledge needed to make a powerful impact on joining your future employer.

You can enhance your practical skills during your studies and enhance your employability, these programs will help you to implement your academic knowledge into a professional environment. As a fresher, you can consider it as a kick start of your career with a real world experience.

Working Professionals

Synergetics offers courses in diverse technology domains to experienced software professionals. These courses enable individuals to get a boost in their career graph. Upgradation of skills and knowledge of emerging technologies is always a plus while climbing the corporate ladder.

Synergetics offers courses in the following practices to working professionals – Mobility, Dev tools JAVA, Dev Tools OSS, Infra & Collaboration, Dev tools .NET, Data Analytics and AI, Architectural Practices, Database & BI, Dev Ops.

It is indeed necessary for technology professionals to think of mid-career learning to hone and polish the already possessed technical knowledge and even add to it some practical knowledge, Synergetics becomes a partner in this career journey.



Synergetics Solutions for Aspiring Developers, Architects, IT Professional

Emerging Technology Training

Certification Training
Persona Based Programs



Emerging Technology Training


Certification Training


Persona Based Programs


The impact of emerging technologies continues to propagate with a larger influence on entities' strategic plans. To be competitive in the global marketplace, organizations need to be driving more innovation in their products and services. They need to innovate rapidly.

Some technologies have this awe-inspiring potential to change our lives completely. Also, as the technologies are subjected to constant improvement, we can see trends arising.

Based on these trends, Synergetics builds a short list of the most popular technologies that will provide a long term impact and have widespread consequences, we further go on to build short duration programs that provide insights and expertise on these technologies to Developers, Architects and IT professionals.


Synergetics is an eminent Gold Learning Partner of Microsoft and offers all major Microsoft certification courses. Microsoft certifications include a wide range of specializations including Microsoft Azure Infrastructure, virtualization, IoT, Business intelligence, Analytics, , enterprise application management, database management, and many more.

Synergetics delivers these Microsoft certification courses not only to transfer technical know-how to the aspirants but also helps them enhance their develop mentioned skills on various Microsoft technologies, tools and products. The hands-on lab experience during the training sessions enables the participants to comprehend the functional understanding of the topics.


Our Persona based programs are useful for our customers because they consider the goals, structures and processes of our customers. These persona’s have been built by keeping in mind future project teams and the Roles & Responsibilities of the project team members.
A persona is a representation of behavior of a Role in a Project Team. In most cases these personas have been synthesized from data collected from HR & L& D Heads of IT companies about the Emerging trends in Business Opportunities and the composition of a technical Delivery Project team. They are developed keeping in mind the knowledge, skills, attitudes required by the person delivering on that role in the real world scenario.







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