SYN-CH-AI-102 - AI-102 Certification workshop and Hackathon

Dates to be announced soon

Course is designed for Azure AI Developer

Certification Hackathon
Practice Area
Data Analytics & AI

Course Overview

This is a hack-based workshop and it is built around a common hackathon scenario. You and your team will work together to achieve the goals put forth, learning by doing. After completing a workshop your team will have performed the actual activities you'll perform to bring your project onto the Microsoft Cloud, a set of assets you can continue to build upon, and ideas for using the scenario as a seed for your team's hack.


During a hackathon you learn by building solution with it. You will be given the concept and turned it into 4 workshops, each covering a different scenario and technology. The workshops will present you with a series of goals to achieve, during which you'll build out a solution. You can use the project you create and use it as the foundation for your project during the event.


AZ-102 Certification course

Course Outline

Attendees will participate in a hackathon where they will design and build a solution using the Azure knowledge you gained from DP-203.
Challenges - Build AI solution on Azure.