Syn-MS-AZ-104 - AZ-104 Microsoft Azure Administrator

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Course Overview

This teaches IT Professionals how to manage their Azure subscriptions, secure identities, administer the infrastructure, configure virtual networking, connect Azure and on-premises sites, manage network traffic, implement storage solutions, create and scale virtual machines, implement web apps and containers, back up and share data, and monitor your solution.


The AZ-104 Microsoft Azure Administrator certification training is tailored for individuals seeking to become proficient administrators in Microsoft Azure, Microsoft's cloud computing platform. This course focuses on equipping participants with the skills and knowledge needed to manage Azure resources, implement and monitor security measures, configure and optimize Azure infrastructure, and effectively handle common administrative tasks within the Azure environment. Completion of this training will prepare individuals for the AZ-104 certification exam and enable them to assume roles as Azure administrators, responsible for the efficient operation and management of Azure services and resources.


Successful Azure Administrators start this role with experience in virtualization, networking, identity, and storage.
 Understanding of on-premises virtualization technologies, including: VMs, virtual networking, and virtual hard disks.
understanding of network configurations, including TCP/IP, Domain Name System (DNS), virtual private networks (VPNs), firewalls, and encryption technologies.
Understanding of Active Directory concepts, including users, groups, and role-based access control.
Understanding of resilience and disaster recovery, including backup and restore operations.
Prerequisite courses (or equivalent knowledge and hands-on experience):

Course Outline

1)Configure Azure Active Directory
2)Configure user and group accounts
3)Configure subscriptions
4) Configure Azure Policy
 5)Configure role-based access control
6)Configure Azure resources with tools
7) Use Azure Resource Manager
8)Configure resources with Azure Resource Manager templates
9) Configure virtual networks
10) Configure network security groups
11)Configure Azure DNS
12) Configure Azure Virtual Network peering
13) Configure network routing and endpoints
14)Configure Azure Load Balancer
15)Configure Azure Application Gateway
16)Configure storage accounts
17) Configure Azure Blob Storage
18) Configure Azure Storage security
19) Configure Azure Files and Azure File Sync
20)Configure Azure Storage with tools
21) Configure virtual machines
22) Configure virtual machine availability
23) Configure Azure App Service plans
24) Configure Azure App Service
25) Configure Azure Container Instances
26) Configure file and folder backups
27) Configure virtual machine backups
28) Configure Azure Monitor
29) Configure Azure alerts
30) Configure Log Analytics
11)Configure Network Watcher


1. What is the AZ-104 certification?
• The AZ-104, or Microsoft Azure Administrator certification, is designed for professionals who want to demonstrate their skills in managing Azure resources and services. It covers a wide range of topics related to Azure administration.
2. Why should I consider getting the AZ-104 certification?
• The AZ-104 certification is valuable for individuals who work with Microsoft Azure and want to validate their expertise in managing Azure environments. It is recognized by employers and can enhance your career prospects in cloud administration.
3. How can I prepare for the AZ-104 exam?
• To prepare for the AZ-104 exam, you can use official Microsoft training resources, such as online courses, documentation, and practice exams. Hands-on experience with Azure is crucial for success in this certification.
4. Is there a prerequisite for the AZ-104 certification?
• There are no specific prerequisites for the AZ-104 certification. However, having a basic understanding of cloud concepts and Azure services can be helpful.
5. How long is the AZ-104 exam, and how many questions are there?
• The AZ-104 exam typically consists of around 40-60 questions. The duration of the exam is usually around 180 minutes (3 hours).
6. What is the passing score for the AZ-104 exam?
• The passing score for the AZ-104 exam is typically 700 out of 1000 points.
7. How much does the AZ-104 exam cost?
• Exam costs can vary by location and currency. You can check with us at info@synergetics-india.com.
8. What career opportunities are available after earning the AZ-104 certification?
• After earning the AZ-104 certification, you can pursue roles such as Azure Administrator, Cloud Administrator, or Cloud Solutions Architect, responsible for managing Azure environments and resources.
9. How do I register for the AZ-104 exam?
• A. You can contact us (infor@synergetics-india.com) for the same.