SYN-Py-C-2-23069 - C Essentials - Part 2-Intermediate

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Course is designed for Azure Developer

Practice Area
Dev Tool & Technology .NET, Dev Tool & Technology Java, Dev Tool & Technology OSS

Course Overview

The course picks up where C Essentials - Part 1 leaves off. Its main goal is to teach you the skills related to the more advanced aspects of C programming language syntax and semantics, memory management, structures, working with files and streams, as well as with the most commonly used library functions and the usage of the pre-processor and declarations.

The course is recommended for aspiring developers who are interested in pursuing careers connected with Software Development, Networking Programming, and Operating System Development.


 Learn how to create, use, and re-use functions.  Learn how to represent records with structures.  Learn how to connect to the world by working with files and streams.  Learn how to handle errors.  Learn about the preprocessor and directives.  Learn about storage classes and complex declarations.  Write your own C programs and prepare for the CLA certification.


Recommended: Completing the C Essentials - Part 1 (Basics) course prior to starting this one.

Course Outline

Module 1. Functions and structures
Module 2. Connecting to the real world: files and streams
Module 3. Preprocessor and declarations

Other Details

Associated Certification: CLA – C Certified Associate Programmer (Exam CLA-11-02 & CLA-11-03)