SYN-MS-DP-100 - DP-100 -Designing and Implementing a Data Science Solution on Azure

01-Oct-2024 To 02-Oct-2024 |
Duration: 4 Day(s)

Course is designed for Azure Data Engineer

Practice Area
Data Analytics & AI
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Course Overview

Discover the essentials of designing and implementing data science solutions on Azure in our DP-100 course. Explore Azure's data science tools, learn data preparation techniques, build and evaluate machine learning models, deploy them into production, and optimize their performance. Dive into scalability, security, and compliance considerations while integrating with Azure services. Through practical projects and exam preparation, equip yourself to excel as an Azure Data Scientist Associate.


  • Master Azure Data Science Tools
  • Excel in Data Preparation & Exploration
  • Build & Evaluate ML Models
  • Deploy & Manage Models on Azure
  • Optimize Model Performance
  • Ensure Scalability & Efficiency
  • Address Security & Compliance
  • Integrate with Azure Services
  • Apply Skills to Real-World Projects
  • Prepare for Certification Exam


DP-100 Certification course

Course Outline

  • Design a machine learning solution
  • Explore and configure the Azure Machine Learning workspace
  • Work with data in Azure Machine Learning
  • Work with compute in Azure Machine Learning
  • Experiment with Azure Machine Learning
  • Use notebooks for experimentation in Azure Machine Learning
  • Train models with scripts in Azure Machine Learning
  • Optimize model training with Azure Machine Learning
  • Manage and review models in Azure Machine Learning
  • Deploy and consume models with Azure Machine Learning

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