SYN-CA-DP-300 - DP-300 With Azure database services for MySQL, PostgreSQL, and MariaDB | Certification Training

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Course is designed for Azure Data Engineer

Practice Area
Data Analytics & AI

Course Overview

Azure Database for MariaDB, MySQL and PostgreSQL services offer fully managed database services built on the proven relational database services foundation which also delivers Azure SQL Database to millions of databases worldwide. In this session you will laern how you can provision a new instance in minutes and quickly scale the compute power needed online to respond to their dynamic business needs.And Quickly respond to demand with built-in high availability and scalability, and high-security features to keep your data safe and compliant.

Each of these databases as a service comes with automated patching, the highest level of security & protection, high availability, and is fully supported by Microsoft from the all the way through database engine.


This session includes followings
How to eliminate hardware costs and reduce administrative costs.
Pay-as-you-go with options to scale up or out for greater power with zero interruption.
Enterprise-ready open-source database engines.
Native integration with Azure PaaS.
Meets high availability requirements with 99.99% uptime SLA from Microsoft.


DP-300 Certification course

Course Outline

Built-in high availability
Dynamic scaling
Meet on-demand fluctuations in performance demand
MySQL 5.6 – 8.0 supported version
PostgreSQL 9.5-11 supported version
MariaDB 10.2-10.3 supported version
Limit access by IP Address
VNet integration supported
Data-in replication for hybrid data and multi-cloud synchronization
MySQL Workbench compatible
SSL connections supported
Server monitoring