SYN-MS-DP-600 - DP-600-Microsoft Certified|Fabric Analytics Engineer Associate

01-Jun-2024 To 22-Jun-2024 |
Duration: 22 Day(s)

Course is designed for Azure Data Engineer

Practice Area
Data Analytics & AI
Course Fees
Rs. 30,000

Course Overview

The DP-600 course focuses on implementing and managing enterprise-scale data analytics solutions using Microsoft Fabric. Participants learn to utilize Fabric components such as workspaces, lakehouses, data warehouses, notebooks, dataflows, pipelines, semantic models, and Power BI Reports. They also master analytics best practices like version control and deployment. This course serves as a stepping stone for roles like Data Engineer or Data Scientist in cloud data services, facilitating collaboration with Solution Architects, Data Engineers, Data Scientists, AI Engineers, Database Administrators, and Power BI Data Analysts in building end-to-end data solutions with Microsoft Fabric.


  • Master Microsoft Fabric components for data analytics.
  • Implement enterprise-scale data solutions efficiently.
  • Enhance analytics proficiency using Fabric tools.
  • Apply analytics best practices, including version control.
  • Prepare for Data Engineer or Data Scientist roles.
  • Collaborate effectively in building data solutions with Fabric.

Course Outline

  • Ingest data with Microsoft Fabric
  • Implement a Lakehouse with Microsoft Fabric
  • Implement a data warehouse with Microsoft Fabric
  • Work with semantic models in Microsoft Fabric
  • Design and build tabular models
  • Manage the analytics development lifecycle

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