SYN-Py-CE-1 - PCPP1 | File Processing (Professional 5/5) [BETA]

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Course is designed for Azure Developer

Practice Area
Dev Tool & Technology .NET, Dev Tool & Technology Java, Dev Tool & Technology OSS

Course Overview

In this course you will learn the ways of processing different kinds of files and manipulating data in Python.
You will learn how to interact with SQLite databases (the sqlite3 module), create and process XML files (the xml module), read, write and process csv files (the csv module), create and process log messages from Python programs (the logging module), and manage configuration files (the configparser module).
After the course you will be able to work with different kinds of data files from various sources, and use them in projects requiring data manipulation and file processing. The course will help you gain skills and knowledge required in data analysis, software development, and troubleshooting.


 sqlite ‒ interacting with SQLite databases;
 xml ‒ creating and processing XML files;
 csv ‒ CSV file reading and writing;
 logging ‒ basics logging facility for Python;
 configparser ‒ configuration file parser.


Recommended: Python Essentials - Part 2 (Intermediate)

Course Outline

sqlite: What is a database, working with an SQLite database, creating databases; processing data.
Xml: Processing XML files, XML parsing, modifying and building XML documents.
Csv: The CSV module in Python, processing CSV files;.
Logging: Logging in Python, the logger object, logging levels, the setLevel method, basic configuration, handlers, formatters.
Configparser: The configparser module, the configuration file; parsing, processing the configuration file, interpolating values.

Other Details

Associated Certification: PCPP1 – Certified Professional Python Programmer 1 (Exam 32-101)