Syn-MS-SC-400 - SC-400 Administering Information Protection and Compliance in Microsoft 365

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Course Overview

This focuses on data lifecycle management and information protection and compliance within your organization. The covers implementation of data loss prevention policies, sensitive information types, sensitivity labels, data retention policies, Microsoft Purview Message Encryption, audit, eDiscovery, and insider risk among other related topics. The helps learners prepare for the Microsoft Information Protection Administrator exam (SC-400).


The SC-400 Administering Information Protection and Compliance in Microsoft 365 certification training is designed to empower individuals with the knowledge and skills required to effectively manage information protection and compliance within Microsoft 365 environments. This course focuses on enabling participants to configure and monitor data protection, implement compliance solutions, and manage risk within organizations' digital assets. By completing this training, individuals will be well-prepared to take on roles as Information Protection and Compliance Administrators, ensuring data security and regulatory adherence in Microsoft 365 environments.


Before attending this course, students should have:
Foundational knowledge of Microsoft security and compliance technologies.
Basic knowledge of information protection concepts.
Understanding of cloud computing concepts.
Understanding of Microsoft 365 products and services.

Course Outline

1)Introduction to information protection and data lifecycle management in Microsoft Purview
2) Classify data for protection and governance
3) Create and manage sensitive information types
4)Understand Microsoft 365 encryption
5) Deploy Microsoft Purview Message Encryption
6) Protect information in Microsoft Purview
7)Apply and manage sensitivity labels
8) Prevent data loss in Microsoft Purview
9) Configure DLP policies for Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps and Power Platform
10) Manage data loss prevention policies and reports in Microsoft 365
11) Manage the data lifecycle in Microsoft Purview
12) Manage data retention in Microsoft 365 workloads
13) Manage records in Microsoft Purview
14) Explore compliance in Microsoft 365
15) Search for content in the Microsoft Purview compliance portal
16)Manage Microsoft Purview eDiscovery (Standard)
17) Manage Microsoft Purview eDiscovery (Premium)
18)Manage Microsoft Purview Audit (Standard)
19)Prepare Microsoft Purview Communication Compliance
20)  Manage insider risk in Microsoft Purview
21) Implement Microsoft Purview Information Barriers
22) Manage regulatory and privacy requirements with Microsoft Priva
23)  Implement privileged access management
24) Manage Customer Lockbox


Q. What is the SC-400 certification?
A. The SC-400, or Administering Information Protection and Compliance in Microsoft 365 certification, is designed for professionals responsible for managing and implementing data protection, information governance, and compliance solutions within Microsoft 365.
Q. Why should I consider getting the SC-400 certification?
A. The SC-400 certification is valuable for individuals working in roles related to information protection, compliance, and data governance. It demonstrates your expertise in configuring and managing Microsoft 365 security and compliance solutions.
Q. How can I prepare for the SC-400 exam?
A. To prepare for the SC-400 exam, you can use official Microsoft training resources, such as online courses, documentation, and practice exams. Hands-on experience with Microsoft 365 security and compliance features is also important.
Q. Is there a prerequisite for the SC-400 certification?
A. While there are no specific prerequisites, it's recommended that candidates have a good understanding of Microsoft 365 services and security concepts.
Q. How long is the SC-400 exam, and how many questions are there?
A. The SC-400 exam typically consists of around 40-60 questions. The duration of the exam is usually around 150 minutes (2.5 hours).
Q. What is the passing score for the SC-400 exam?
A. The passing score for the SC-400 exam is typically 700 out of 1000 points.
Q. How much does the SC-400 exam cost?
A. Exam costs can vary by location and currency. You can check with us info@synergetics-india.com .
Q. What career opportunities are available after earning the SC-400 certification?
A. After earning the SC-400 certification, you can pursue roles related to information protection and compliance in Microsoft 365, such as Compliance Administrator, Information Protection Specialist, and Security Analyst, within organizations that use Microsoft 365.
Q. How do I register for the SC-400 exam?
A. You can contact us (infor@synergetics-india.com) for the same.