About Synergetics

Today’s Software industry is growing more complex all the time. The competition for talent is more intense than ever. And the worldwide shortage of skilled Software professionals is expected to remain a daunting challenge far into the future. This is just one of the few reasons that Synergetics IT services have become an invaluable guide to success in the Software marketplace for our value relationships.

  • Synergetics is an innovative training company that focuses on teaching Software technology by innovating on curriculum and delivery methodology to meet the diverse need of our clients.

  • Our instructors are some of the brightest and most knowledgeable in the industry, and are made up of Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs) and Microsoft Certified Trainers (MCTs) in over 15 countries.

  • We're committed to delivering to our clients enhanced ROI on their learning investment, to helping your people meet your project goals and to serving as the catalyst for real change.

  • We belief When Skills are high, employee morale is good, it results in better productivity.

  • We further believe higher productivity of software professional results translates in to higher profitability for software services company

Our services are comprehensive and cater to

  • Learning Consultancy

    • Assessment services that identify the complete skill set your team requires
    • Strategic consulting to determine how best to carry your project through to completion.
    • Process Improvement strategies and expertise to integrate industry best practices into your business.
  • Learning Delivery

    • Support before, during, and after training
    • Facilitators who are seasoned developers, business analysts, software architects, and project managers with a passion for sharing their knowledge.
    • Hands-on, real-world development of skills required for meeting project goals.
  • Content Development

    • Fresh curriculum on the leading edge of industry trends
    • Innovative solutions that are aligned to your business goals.
    • E-learning and video content development for blended learning
  • Learning Assessments and Analytics

    • Feedback Design, to capture impact of the Training
    • Feedback Administration for global participation
    • Analytics Reports that provide insight into the quality of delivery and meeting of training Objectives

Synergetics Philosophy


Creating & Delivering Value Propositions thru Customer Focused Solutions, Products & Services


Solutions for Competency, Productivity & Profitability

Services Message

Get IT Right

Value System

  • Respect for Knowledge & Continuous upgrade of Knowledge
  • Professional Achievement thru Honesty, Integrity & Teamwork
  • Working with high Focus
  • Pursuing personal & professional growth with determination