Why Synergetics?

Trusted Training Partner

Since the inception of Synergetics has been witness to the growth of many customers, during this period Synergetics has participated and contributed to many strategic initiatives of our customers in this space of developing capacity thru on-boarding training programs or competency development programs on emerging technologies. If experience can be taken as a criteria for evaluation Synergetics data points speaks for themselves.

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Training Methodology

The construct of our workshops involves our unique training methodology and seamless integration of developer and architectural perspective and our years of experience in delivering readiness workshops for Microsoft.

We at Synergetics believe that just the way a User Interface of a client application with respect to its end user is critical. Similarly Existence of an effective User interface in a training program between a trainer and the participant is equally critical.

  • Concept Visualization

    • CV = Channel of Visual Communication.
    • CV is an innovative, creative, and intuitive extension of what one can call as "Chalk -Talk Mechanism".
    • CV is essential because only "when one sees it, believes it".
    • Active Experimentation = "I do it , I Experience It" philosophy.
    • All these AE's are put together to give you a complete application, termed as "Application Development".
    • Application Development = "Getting the Big Picture of Software Development".
  • Active Experimentation

    • Active Experiment (AEs) are small assignment focused at understanding the technical nuances of the current sub topic
    • AEs do not talk about the real world application of that piece of technology thereby avoiding "discussing two unknowns at a time"
    • AE's deal with technical nuance and understanding a new application spec.
  • Application Development

    • Application Development (ADs) give a real life application experience to the participants attending the workshop.
    • ADs are built during the workshop in stages, typically after AEs in each topic.
  • Developer / Architectural Perspective

    • Architecture and feature(s) related aspects
    • Why a Particular Line or section of Technology?
    • Conceptually what’s this particular Line or Section of Technology?
    • How to Implement and develop solutions with it?
    • When to use a particular Line or section of technology?
    • Where & How does this section or Line of technology fit into the Enterprise Application Architecture scenario
    • How to handle Erroneous situation arising in Developments plus Exception programming
    • Programming Techniques for Effective and Optimized Implementations
    • Debugging, Performance Tuning and Optimization Issues
    • Do's and Don'ts
    • Scalability, Backward and Forward compatibility
    • Best and Next Practices

Global Delivery

Our goal of achieving GLOBAL Leadership in Training Services arena has gained excellent momentum. We have already conducted workshops for UBICS -USA, Microsoft - Singapore, Vertusa, Pfizer - Ireland, Innosoft - Japan, Softech - Vietnam, Invest Corp - Bahrain and Net Assist.

Our Credentials

Awarded for Providing Best .NET Training & Consultancy Services
Awarded for Providing Best .NET Training & Consultancy Services
Awarded for Providing Best .NET Training & Consultancy Services
Being Awarded as the "Best Vendor" by Datamatics
Being Awarded as the 'Best Vendor' by Datamatics
Being Awarded as the 'Best Vendor' by Datamatics
People Certifications
Microsoft Certified Professional Developer
Microsoft Certified Solution Associate
Microsoft Certified Trainer
Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist