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A certification program can serve as proof of employee's technical proficiency, particularly the skills necessary for the role that use various technologies, such as IT specialist, software developer, technical support specialist, web developer, software tester, software engineer and system administrator. Today employee may be certified for the path like administrators, AI engineers, data engineers, data scientists, developers, DevOps, security engineers and solutions.

But certification curriculum does not include the latest and emerging technologies frequently. So, there is always a technology gap in the learning after completion of certification.

Challenges faced by the Organization

  • Building Certified Resources with additional skills required by the projects.
  • Keeping the pace with technology upgrade and implementation
  • Building capability in niche technology area.
  • Addressing wider technology scopes
  • Extended learning beyond certification

Customer Benefits

  • Updated with cutting edge technology.
  • Employee become more productive on their role.
  • Reduce the learning curve.
  • Deep technical knowledge and awareness.
  • Quicky make production ready resources.
  • Building organization’s profile on emerging and latest technology

Solution Highlights

  • Extended modules for deep dive implementation for respective certification
  • Add-on content on latest released features
  • Identify challenges and address them with new technology features
  • Systemic learning experience
  • Industry expert SMEs

Synergetics Certification Add-On

Synergetics certification ad-on solutions are short-term modules as a comprehensive curriculum which enable employee with emerging and latest releases or deep dive on technology. These add-on solutions can be added to certification programmes or can be delivered separately. It prepares employee completely on technology skills required by organization on the projects they have.

Synergetics's certification addon solution is available for all the certification program that includes Infrastructure and collaboration, Data and AI, Application Development, and Analytics.

Execution Approach

Module wise custom content
and deep dive learning & implementation

Delivery based
on Use cases


Plug and
Play modules

State of art
delivery methodology

Design &
Architectural input

Best practices

Why Synergetics Onboarding Add-On Solution

  • To build scalability and reduced time to market with certified resources.
  • To build diversity in workforce for different roles, practices
  • To achieve effective cost management and reduced per participants training cost
  • To have a controlled delivery of learning and investment outcomes

Certification & Add-on Courses

Course Title & Code Persona Practice Area

AZ-104 With Business continuity and disaster recovery | Certification Training

Infra & Collaboration View

AZ-104 With SQL Server hybrid cloud | Certification Training

Infra & Collaboration View

AZ-400 with Build, test and deploy in Azure Pipelines | Certification Training

DevOps DevOps Engineer View

DP-200 With Azure Synapse Analytics and AI | Certification Training

Data Analytics & AI Azure Data Engineer View

DA-100 With Big data and visualization | Certification Training

Data Analytics & AI Azure Data Engineer View

AZ-104 With Azure Govornance| Certification Training

Infra & Collaboration View

AZ-400 with Azure Boards | Certification Training

DevOps DevOps Engineer View

AZ-104 With Multi cloud Management-ARC | Certification Training

Infra & Collaboration View

Microsoft Certified: Fabric Analytics Engineer Associate

Data Analytics & AI Azure Data Engineer View

AZ-220 With Azure IOT Plug & Play | Certification Training

Internet Of Things IoT Developer View

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