Apache Kafka: A message broking for high velocity data Training


The Apache Kafka is a messaging system teller for very high throughput use-cases with vast amount of data is moved in Scalable and Fault-tolerant way on distributed environment.

Course Duration: 2 Day(s)


This course covers understanding Kafka for system creating high velocity data, consuming it with high throughput, developing Java applications for Apache Kafka and designing Reliable, scalable kaka system.


  • Evolution of Data Logistics
  • Apache Kafka - Basic Operations
  • Apache Kafka – Java Producer and Consumer
  • Apache Kafka – Components, their roles and Architecture
  • Apache Kafka Producer and Consumer
  • Apache Kafka – Scalability, Fault tolerance and High throughput
  • Kafka Stream Processing with Apache Spark
  • Kafka Connect for Data Movement
  • Basic Kafka Installation and Administration (Optional)

Who Should Attend

Participants attending this course must have experience on:

  • Basics of any of the Messaging System
  • Basics of Real time analytics
  • The Java Language
  • The basics of Apache Zookeeper

Target Audience

Data Engineer & Data Analyst


Data Engineer & Data Analyst