Big Data Analytics Using HDInsight Training


Big Data Analytics Using HDInsight

Course Duration: 4 Day(s)


This course helps to make sense of the volumes of data and to streamline our workload by provisioning an HDInsight Cluster using Hadoop, SPARK, Kafka, Hive LLAP.

We will learn how to easily query, ingest, and publish data and to use tools like Hive, Pig, Sqoop, Phoenix.

We would have a greater understanding of the Hadoop ecosystem and analyze the data by integrating SPARK and Stream Analytics with PowerBI Service and design intuitive solutions using Java SDK/PySpark by embedding real-time capabilities and get insight and enhance the business productivity


  • Module 1: Introduction Hadoop Ecosystem
  • Module 2: Creating and Managing Hadoop cluster on HDInsight
  • Module 3: Data Management for HDInsight Clusters
  • Module 4: Batch Processing on Hadoop on HDInsight Clusters
  • Module 5: Spark-HDInsight cluster
  • Module 6: Notebooks on Spark-HDInsight cluster
  • Module 7: Azure Data analytics with Hive and Phoenix on HBase
  • Module 8: Implementing Streaming Solutions using Apache Kafka

Who Should Attend

Participants must have knowledge of cloud Computing (Microsoft Azure), Hadoop and MapReduce. Should have programming skills using Java / C# / JavaScript

Target Audience

Data Engineer & Data Analyst


Data Engineer & Data Analyst