Course 40561G: Microsoft Cloud Workshop: Machine Learning


In this whiteboard design session, you will work with a group to design and implement a solution that combines Azure Databricks with Azure Machine Learning service to build, train and deploy the machine learning and deep learning models. You will learn how to use automated machine learning, model lifecycle management from training to deployment, in batch and real-time inferencing scenarios, and construct deep learning models for Natural Language Processing (NLP) in text classification and forecasting against time-series data. Finally, you’ll learn to compare data with PyTorch and Keras for deep learning.

Course Duration: 1 Day(s)


After completing this course, students will understand:

  • The capabilities and implementation solutions of Azure Machine Learning and Azure Databricks.



  • Module 1: Whiteboard Design Session - Machine Learning
  • Module 2: Hands-on lab - Machine Learning

Target Audience

Architects / IT Pros


Azure Infrastructure Specialist / Technical Architect