SQL Server 2016 - HA-DR Solutions


This is a deep dive course on understanding how SQL Server works to effectively choose the right high availability and disaster recovery solution that will address every organization's need to protect digital assets. Look at options that are available to the administrator of a Microsoft SQL Server 2016 database server so that the system can provide the 99.99% or higher uptime which customers demand. These options include Failover Cluster Instances, as well as Always On Availability Groups within a single site, stretching across multiple sites, as well as stretching into the Windows Azure public cloud. Learn when to use each technique, how to decide which option to implement, and how to implement these solutions as well as when to use the new SQL Server 2016 features such as Distributed Availability Groups, Automatic Seeding and new features in Windows Server 2016. 

Course Duration: 2 Day(s)

Target Audience

Data Architect


Data Engineer & Data Analyst