SYN-Py-C-1-23068 - C Essentials - Part 1 (Basics)

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Course is designed for Azure Developer

Practice Area
Dev Tool & Technology .NET, Dev Tool & Technology Java, Dev Tool & Technology OSS

Course Overview

The course covers the basics of programming in the C programming language and touches on fundamental programming techniques, customs, and vocabulary, including the most common library functions.


Learn the universal concepts of computer programming.  Learn the syntax and semantics of the C language.  Practice skills in resolving typical implementation challenges.  Use the most important elements of the C language standard infrastructure.  Install your runtime environment.  Write your own C programs.  Prepare for the CLE certification exam!.

Course Outline

Module 0. Installing and using your programming environment
Module 1. Intro to computer programming, variables, and comments
Module 2. Basic data types, operations, and flow control (decision-making statements)
Module 3. Flow control (loops), int and float types, typecasting, and computer logic
Module 4. Switch, aggregating data into arrays, pointers, and the basics of strings
Module 5. Advanced operations on arrays and pointers, memory management, and functions

Other Details

Associated Certification: CLE – CLE ‒ C Certified Entry-Level Programmer (Exam CLE-10-01)