SYN-CA-AZ-700 - AZ-700 With Implementing Azure Virtual WAN | Certification Training

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Course Overview

In this session, you are working as an Azure network engineer for Fast Runner, a company that develops specialized running applications. You’ve been asked to connect multiple virtual networks with Azure Virtual WAN. You’ll use Azure Virtual WAN to connect 2 virtual networks together and provide connectivity between virtual machines.


Evaluate the functionality of Azure Virtual WAN and understand how it simplifies and helps secure your WAN.
Explain the functionality and purpose of the components of an Azure Virtual WAN.
Evaluate the use of Azure Firewall and Azure Firewall Manager to secure the virtual WAN.


AZ-700 Certification course

Course Outline

Create an Azure Virtual WAN
Create a Virtual Hub Inside of the Azure Virtual WAN
Create a virtual hub with an address range of
Connect the Virtual Networks to the Virtual WAN
Connect the virtual networks to the virtual hub, setting the Associate Route Table option to Default and leaving all other settings as they are for each VNet.
Test Connectivity Between the VMs