SYN-Py-CE-1 - PCPP1 | Working with RESTful APIs (Professional 4/5) [BETA]

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Dev Tool & Technology .NET, Dev Tool & Technology Java, Dev Tool & Technology OSS

Course Overview

In this course, you will learn the basic concepts of network programming in Python, how to use sockets, and how to communicate with RESTful APIs using CRUD methods.

You will also get familiar with JSON and XML files, and learn HTTP methods such as: GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE.

After the course, you can communicate with external resources and servers using the HTTP protocol and sockets. The course will help you gain the skills and knowledge required in network programming and web development.


 The basic concepts of network programming, REST, network sockets, and client-server communication
 How to use and create sockets in Python, and how to establish and close the connection with a server
 What JSON and XML files are, and how they can be used in network communication
 What HTTP methods are, and how to say anything in HTTP
 How to build a sample testing environment
 What CRUD is
 How to build a simple REST client, and how to fetch and remove data from the server, add new data to it, and update the already-existing data


Recommended: Python Essentials - Part 2 (Intermediate)

Course Outline

Basic concepts of network programming.
How to use sockets in Python?.
Introduction to JSON.
Using the JSON module in Python.
Introduction to XML.
HTTP made simple - the request module.
CRUD - how to build a simple REST client?

Other Details

Associated Certification: PCPP1 – Certified Professional Python Programmer 1 (Exam 32-101)