ILT - Enterprise Solutions

Enterprise Solutions for SI/ISV’s/Resellers/Hosters

Enterprise Solutions for Ecosystem Service Providers are built keeping in mind their Business Models, Organization structures, Talent Development strategies and Workflows they Build balance between Business, Technical and Readiness perspectives, These Enterprise Solutions undertake technical Talent Development as an activity to be aligned with the overall business Practice Development.

Our Enterprise Solutions address two  important aspects of Building technical talent “Reskilling existing staff” and “Onboarding Fresh Talent” with an overall perspective of building the strategic Practice Area.

Enterprise Solution for No-IT Verticals

Synergetics Enterprise Solutions are crafted to Enable Faster, Secured & Seamless Adoption of Cloud by enabling the customer IS organization (team),Transforming the customer IS team capability will prepare the IS team to understand the  journey to the cloud and have the capability to take the initial few steps themselves rather than depend on a partners. It becomes easier for an Azure enabled organization to relate to the technical discussions with Vendor teams, resulting in the speeding up of their decision making process. The Solutions Aim to build Implementation Ready technical team for faster evaluation, identification & deployment of POC’s and perform the necessary due diligence and  Cloud Assessment to finalize the Cloud Migration Roadmap.


We help system integrators in building there practices and application, Infrastructure, data & AI, and modern work places. We create it futuristic project team by delivering foundational knowledge followed by a role & persona based specialization.


We provide services to system integrators to adopt emerging technologies by training developers, Architects, Sales presales professionals on technologies such as Serverless Computing, Micro Services, Containers, Open Source, AI, Cognitive-Bots, DevOps, Analytics.

Practice Playbook

Synergetics will help you define the members of your team and the skills they should bring to the table. If you need to hire to fill gaps, we provide you with detailed job descriptions you can use, the factors you should look for in a candidate's skill set...


Synergetics is an eminent Gold Learning Partner of Microsoft and offers all major Microsoft certification Courses. Microsoft certifications include a wide range of specializations including Microsoft Azure Infrastructure, Virtualization, IoT, Business intelligence, Analytics, Enterprise Application Management, Database Management, and many more.

Emering Technology Training 

With big changes to the way teams operate and modernise, Architect, IT engineers and developers are going to play a key role in imagining what’s possible, accelerating recovery and pushing for innovation with emerging technologies. To prepare for that role, they must level up their skills on these areas. The Cloud has enabled both IT providers and customers to experiment with leading-edge applications while reducing the risks associated with their business innovation. Emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning or IT Automation and App Modernization are some of the Cloud-powered technologies gaining momentum that are poised to lead the digital transformation of the enterprise in the coming years. Organizations or individual, only those who utilize new digital solutions to develop high-valuable services offerings at the faster speed to market will thrive in an economic context that is growing ever more complex. To get ahead of the game, following are the few selections of emerging technologies that we believe you should be looking into today.

Cloud Adoption Solution

The cloud presents a fundamental shift in the way that enterprises procure and utilize technology resources. In the past, enterprises assumed ownership and responsibility of all levels of technology from infrastructure to software. Now, the cloud offers the potential to transform the way enterprises utilize technology by provisioning and consuming resources as needed.